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"Very nice definitely like the way the report is organized, it makes it very easy to read"
Susanne Harris - Realtor

I also want to comment on how nice the report's appearance is in comparison to some of your  
competitor's samples"
Lee Perguson - Client

"Thank you for a clean and easy to read Home Inspection Report! "
Caprice Fisher - Realtor

"Very comprehensive report. Thank you very much"
Chuck Dantuono - Client

"First of all I must really thank you for the thorough report you have produced for us. All the parameters
were so well organized with pictures and text; that was great! "
Oualid Tellissi - Client
Here are just a couple reviews
System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7, 8. 8.1 or 10 (preferred)
2 GB RAM or better (for best performance)
Monitor resolution 1024x768 or higher
Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 (any full edition)
Office RT or Starter versions are NOT fully compatible
Also NOT compatible with Apple (Mac computers and iPad) iOS systems
“The features for HomInspect go on and on”
At a price that is so affordable
“We have also included a Realtor’s Directory that will allow you to enter and save your
contact information. Once again with just a single click of a button your contact information
will be added to your home inspection report”
“Email Report: With the assistance of Outlook 2007 we have added this optional feature
that will give you a quicker and easier method in which to email your completed report
directly from our software.”
"Change Report Color Formatting: This "Optional" feature will allow you to change the color layout of all
report areas. This includes fill color, Font color, Special outline highlighting and even a glow effect."
HomInspect has been getting great reviews from our clients and Realtors alike.
home inspection software
"Enter and save your own personal comments to our already heavy populated library of
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Our home inspection software is so easy to use and produces the best home inspection reports
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"A Report Summary page that is quick and easy to update, with just a click of a button your
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home inspection software
home inspection software
View some of our sample reports
View some of our great features
If you would like to speak with a customer service representative
please give us a call at
(951) 956-7308
7 days a week from 7am to 9pm Pacific time
Most home inspection software programs available today are out dated in their style and design and the reports
they produce and are not very user friendly for our Clients and even our Realtor associates. HomInspect has
developed a home inspection software program that has set us apart from the rest. We believe it is important
to create a professionally designed home inspection report that is not only appealing to view, but is also easy to
follow so that any areas of concern that need to be addressed will not be missed.

With the power of Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) which is an implementation of Microsoft's
event-driven programming language, we have developed a home inspection report software program unlike
anyone else. HomInspect software uses customized features that will assist you in creating professional home
inspection reports quickly and easily. No more wasting hours upon hours to complete a report. With our user
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HomInspect software program gives you a more complete breakdown and description of all areas, not just a
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We also have the new
Texas REI-7-5 Property Inspection Report  and Property Management software available
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“No special computer skills are needed, we provide a complete
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walk you through each step by step process"

“Photos are easily inserted with just a push of a button,
photos are auto inserted and sized”
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