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HomInspect Software Program uses a user-friendly interface and powerful features for each area of inspection,
which allows you to work on your home inspection report by scrolling up and down through one window at a time, so
much easier and less confusing. Many home inspection software programs require you to jump in and out of various
windows, and sub-windows to review any and all comments and photos you have just inserted into your home
inspection report. HomInspect use of a single screen interface is a great feature to have if you wish to create a
home inspection report in an timely and efficiently manner. This software contains an easy-to-use interface with
hundreds of auto comments and editable condition lists that can be adjusted to meet your preferences.
HomInspect Software Program can also be used in the field using a tablet PC, notebook or a laptop.“We also have
the new
Texas REI-7-5 Property Inspection Report available upon request  for only $99”
You may still be able to use HomInspect Software Program even if your system does not meet the
minimum requirements needed, but may cause software performance to be less than expected.
We have designed a custom toolbar ribbons that will better assist you
in completing your reports with quickness and ease.....
No check-boxes here....We use Drop-Down boxes and a method called conditional formatting that allows you to choose
from a list of preselected text comments or create your own that when selected will automatically select
the correct soft color fill highlighting for that selection. In just one click of your mouse.
We have also included so many other features with this software program at no extra charge
Numerous Drop-down boxes are used throughout report to assist for quick and easy selection.
Each of these Drop-downs selections are heavily populated with all types of materials
and observation comments.
As simple as clicking a button you can edit, add, or even delete comments from existing library.
You can populate this library with all your custom comments that fit your special style of reporting.
Here's a sample view of just some of our great features that are included
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If you need any assistance in setting up our software
to fit your custom needs we are here to help.

We will help you to customize our software to suit your
style and or needs as an inspector.
To view the additional features and extras that are only
included with HomInspect Premium Edition
View Premium Edition page
Report Summary page
Auto insert your selected comments to the Report Summary page quickly and easily
To update your summary page with a comment of interest, just simply select the button
labeled "
Add To Summary Page"on the top right corner of report page.  
To add or remove a selected comment(s) from Report Summary page simply select all desired areas
with the use of check boxes. Next select either Add Selection(s) or Remove Selection(s), that’s it, your
comment has either been added or removed from Report Summary page.
And this is how it will appear on your "Report Summary" page
"Editable Comments Library"
This software contains an easy-to-use interface with hundreds of auto comments and editable
condition lists that can be adjusted to meet your preferences. Once again with a simple click of your
mouse you can add your personalized comment to software library for future use. Here is how it works

When selecting a drop down you may either choose from the existing populated library list of
comments or you can just type in your own comment. If you desire to add your own personal comment
to the existing library, this can be accomplished quite easily.
System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7, 8. 8.1 or 10 (preferred)
2 GB RAM or better (for best performance)
Monitor resolution 1024x768 or higher
Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 (any full edition)
Office RT or Starter versions are NOT fully compatible
Also NOT compatible with Apple (Mac computers and iPad) iOS systems